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Hello again! Sorry for the lack of posting. I don’t have any excuse really for the past week, or the first one, in the rut of non-writing, but as far as the liminal times I had a relationship debacle that was thankfully fixed quickly, then I jetted off to Texas to visit family, and then as soon as I was back home I was swept up in Comic Con here in San Diego. Whew!

But! On to the explanation of the title. Kitty, over at Bloggery of a Goth Cat has decided to make 2012 the year of Victorian, sartorially speaking. I am going to give my best attempt at going along with her on this adventure. “Best attempt” meaning not 24/7 every day will I be wearing Victorian/esque clothing, but more like 12/5. I have several pieces I wear on a regular basis that fall within Victorian Goth, at the least, though my favorite skirt may be too short to really be admissible. Thankfully, I have two pairs of great boots, but I do need to get my little paws on a good corset (or two!) for this venture.

Everything else I may need/want should be covered by Etsy and FanPlusFriend. And boy does the latter have a bunch of items I adore, as well as are perfect for period inspired dress!

That’s is all for now, dearies. I’ll try to be better at posting on a regular.


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