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are on the way!

Here they be!

Aren’t they wonderfully growly looking? I will soon be splashing through puddles and kicking the air with glee, all the while probably attracting stares from my fellow students on campus while I flail about.

Mmm… Steel toe, leather goodness. All mine.

PS: They were $83 with no shipping cost as they qualified for super saver shipping on Amazon. Bonus!


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Fall shopping plan

Since I just went through my closet and counted up how many shirts I have (30!) I’m planning yet another closet cull before I get any new items this fall. I barely wear my tank tops or long sleeve cotton shirts anymore. My v-neck and scoop neck tees are far more versatile, and once I get another more casual sweater than my gray cashmere one to stave off the chill I can layer them as well.

I have been wearing my 3/4 sleeve black buttons ups quite often instead this past season, and now need to dye them with a few other pieces since they have faded with use and sun exposure. So I will be looking for one or two more to round out the week.

But! Lets get on with the lusting. Here are a few choice items on the wish list.


Sock Dreams has an amazing selection of socks and tights, many of which I want. But something vertically striped has been missing from my closet for a long time, and socks are the easiest solution. And only $9!

Gallery Serpentine Cincher

Gallery Serpentine has quite a few pieces on my list, but none so sorely needed as my first corset. (Too long have I waited!) This cincher will probably work better for me considering it has an 11″ busk instead of their Victorian Underbust at 13″, as I am petite and don’t have a very long frame. To be purchased in black suiting, of course ;). Costs $190AUS (Approximately the same in US.)

Bella Pagoda Umbrella

Now, this one is for sheer drooly wonderment. Admittedly, I do not have a proper umbrella for the rainy season soon upon us, only two lace parasols, one of which I may be culling, especially if I get this lovely thing from Bella Umbrella. It does, however, cost a bit more than I’d like at $129. Just a bit.

Victoria's Secret Flounce Back Skirt

Now, I have a serious love of skirts. I only own two pairs of jeans, one black and one soon to be replaced with another black pair, and two pairs of slacks, both black. I have… 9 skirts. Only two of which are not black. Hence, I will likely get it in black because I know I’ll wear it. It being $50, I might as well lower the cost per wear value as much as possible!

Mina jacket by Lauragalic on Etsy

I honestly have no idea why I prefer having the “interest” of an outfit in the back or on the bottom half of the body. I know it breaks the “rule” that you’re supposed to bring the attention up near your face, but whatever! I like what I like. This jacket is definitely near the top of the want list. $170 including shipping from EU, but made just for you? I say it’s a great deal, especially since I know even here in Southern California no one else is going to have the same jacket as me!

Funeral Director's top hat by Dracinabox

I have been searching for a hat like this for a few years now. I don’t own any hats at all, and only one other type is on my want list, a wide brimmed black hat like Lydia Deetz wears in Beetlejuice. This one, though, is the long sought after Victorian Lady’s riding hat. At £40 ($62) It’s not bad at all! ETA: After having read some reviews about the service, or lack thereof, and the quality of any goods actually received I must once again go back to searching for a hat like this. I’m not willing to risk paying more than $62+ for a hat I may well never get shipped to me. 😦

The only other thing on the immediate needs list, to cover any gaps in my wardrobe, are a good pair of stompy boots. My Victorian-esque boots from Target, having gone through a year of hard use, are starting to look a bit tatty. I have a good pair of leather, spoon heeled Victorian boots, a pair of patent Oxford heels, and Converse lowtops, all in all black, so it’s the only type that needs replacing soon. Any suggestions? I prefer the fairly plain, lace up, ankle high extra stompy kinds. Have looked at new Rocks and Docs, too. So any other ideas would be quite helpful!

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