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Sitting at school between classes. Figure I’ll do a little post about my “dream room/home” since I’m procrastinating some other writing. Heh.

Any rate, I don’t remember where I got most of these pictures, as I wasn’t really planning on posting them, so if you know the source, please tell me! I’d feel much better being able to link to the person who owns/took the picture. (Most I find on Tumblr, Desire to Inspire, Apartment Therapy, and others. Those ARE linked in my side bar. Check ’em out.)

On to the lovely rooms!



These three pictures, same room, are basically what I would love to have as my room. I do own a sideboard that is currently living at my Aunt’s house, but it is truly massive which makes it difficult to move, and I probably would leave the finish it’s pretty cherry red. So, something else! I think this would do nicely:

Ikea Edland Wardrobe

I’m really more of a wardrobe person than sideboard person. Most of my clothes need to be hung up, anyway. Though that is a beautiful sideboard, I like the glossy coat!

As far as vanities/desks go I’ve had my eye on the matching Edland vanity for quite a while now, as it has those wonderfully curved and dainty legs. Have picked out a mirror, also from Ikea, to go with. (I’ve seen the mirror lurking about in other darkly decked out rooms of some of the bloggers I read.)

Edland Vanity

This needs an appropriately adorable stool or chair to sit in.

Ikea Ung Drill Mirror

Makes me want to say “Mirror mirror on the wall!” and plot to send a spasm of terror into the hearts of Snow Whites everywhere.

Now, the bed. Despite the fact that I would love to be able to make my sleeping area pitch black, the one pictured is too big for my tastes. I love the look of giant four-posters, don’t get me wrong. They are fantastically romantic and dreary looking, but they’re a pain in the butt to move. And I like to rearrange my furniture at least a few times a year. That would not happen with a bed this big. I’m currently trying to figure out if curtains attached to the ceiling, or a bar of some kind would look silly with a futon on the floor… I’m not sure it would work at all.

A few more pictures:

This is actually the waiting area of a tattoo shop!

I’d like my living room to look a bit like that. Velvet settee/love seat, one armchair, maybe a fainting couch for reading, and my curiosity cabinet tucked in a corner.

Perfect kitchen

I love the small (and black!) fridge and the bare counters, though I’d probably put glass containers of dry goods somewhere, knowing me. No microwave, don’t own one. I’d get rid of the coffee pot and have a tea kettle living on the stove, french presses are my way of making coffee. The color scheme, of course, helped win me over on this design, too. Maybe a toaster, but it’d be kept out of sight.

Curiosity cabinet

This is close to what I’d like my curiosity cabinet to look like. I’ve currently got my collection in a book case that needs it’s glass doors put on and a glossy black paint job. I don’t have a collection quite as extensive as this. I need to add some more sea life, coral in particular, and more bones. I have a nice amount of glass objects, but I’m looking for specific pieces to round those out.

That’s it for now, off to my lab!


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It’s been a while since I last posted, and I’ve been meaning to take pictures for this but life gets in the way. Also, I procrastinate like nobody’s business. On to reviews.

First up, the T.U.K. boots I bought. The most immediate order of business after getting them out of the box? Taking a Sharpie to the white thread. I really don’t like black shoes with white thread. (I also don’t much like when the rubber on the bottom is a different color than the boot itself. Hence why I went for these instead of Docs.)

Broke them in within a week of getting them, had to wear some bandaids over my ankles since they were the most rubby of all the uncomfortable bits. I also have one arch that is slightly higher than the other, so that hurt for a while. Two pairs of socks over the bandaids, one slippery underneath, one regular over that. Now I think they’re finally done, but the leather is still VERY stiff. Should loosen up in the next couple months, but that’s probably my biggest warning. These are tough cookie boots, with stubborn leather that doesn’t want to move for your feet. Just so you know.

They also weigh about 3lbs each, but that’s really not as bad as some spooky type boots I’ve tried, let alone some I’ve seen.

Second, the burgundy Opaque Thigh Highs from Sock Dreams. These are fantastic, as expected, since I have the black version already. I think I might get a few other colors as well. You do need a garter belt! Or sock glue, but I have never tried that, I can’t say how well it works. These stockings will not even try to stay up on their own, and if you have thicker thighs, like me, they tend to roll a bit at the top even with garters keeping them in place. It’s probably the only fault with them. They are super soft, with a nice dense weave so the color is truly opaque, and they don’t sag after a day of walking. No fiddling with the ankles and knees every few minutes like with some hosiery! (They are also the perfect color compared to the N40s in burgundy I also got, but have not worn yet, for my Halloween costume. Bonus!)

I still need to alter the blue Alice dress, but I did paint the boots as soon as they got here and they turned out great. I do want to post pictures for the reviews, but as I am an awkward person who can’t seem to take a good picture of myself, it might only be of the items themselves. Haven’t made up my mind yet.

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It is fast approaching. After waffling for a while on what costume I wanted to get/buy/make and wear I’ve landed on Alice from the Syfy miniseries, since I just watched it the other day and fell quite in love. (With Hatter, that is!) The outfit is relatively simple, and as it turned out, pretty easy for me to find the pieces for. I actually only started looking a couple hours ago, when I made up my mind on at least having one costume in the bag. A bit of reviewing Sock Dreams, and some Googlefu, an Amazon safari, and Etsy browsing I purchased these:

So close it only took a second to check the measurements and hit "add to cart!"

I’ll have to add ricrac trim by hand, but that won’t be too difficult. $33 with shipping.

I don’t know why that one is showing up funny… $6 on Sock Dreams.

As close I could find in my budget

The jacket is supposed to be the same length as Alice’s dress, and have cuffs, but this was the closest I could find that wasn’t a ridiculous amount of money. $32 with shipping.

These will have to be dyed, or painted knowing my lazy butt.

$21 including shipping.

You know I ship it

I’m still trying to decide if I might want to do Lydia Deetz from the movie, since I’m not sure I want to hand sew the cartoon costume. Admittedly, it would just be a poncho I’d have to sew, but I’d still have to purchase flats. The movie version might be easier, especially if my little sister gets my birthday sunhat to me quickly! (And maybe send that film SLR she has that I want anyway…)

What fun will you be having on Samhain night, readers?

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Black Milk

The past few months I’ve been hearing quite a few rave reviews and other great things about Black Milk. I’m waiting for the Beetlejuice leggings and swimsuit to come back into stock, because I’ve been lusting after them for a couple weeks. Not that I can purchase them right now, anyway. But I can look!

Again with the stripes!


Even more!!!!!1!!!one!

I also am a bit on the fence about the velvet dress, since I am in the market for a really great little black dress. I know, I know, a spooky type without a black dress? Impossible. Well, I have mentioned I favor skirts. I only have three dresses total. Two of which I might be getting rid of in favor of a better option.

I like the sleeves, but I'd like the hem to hit at/above the knee.

Thankfully Black Milk gives you the option of changing the hem length for only $20 more. Still unsure, which is fine for the time being. Maybe I can get it for Solstice? Or find another LBD that costs less than $136… Any suggestions in the comments would be welcome! I favor very simple dresses, but you might help someone else find an LBD perfect for them. Who knows? Comment away!

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