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I’ve been waffling over the decision to put my face on my blog. I know that these posts automatically link to my Facebook, but the people on my friendslist all know me in real life. That’s not a danger at all, especially since my FB account is not publicly searchable. But not everyone who I see reading this blog knows me, and I’d prefer to be able to keep some things separate. (Especially considering some jobs I might apply for when I get my AA may not look too kindly on having an employee with a goth blog. So I’ve been procrastinating, as you do.

I’ve decided, though, since my face is on some previous social network accounts that I don’t keep up with anymore, it’s not enough of a “thing” to stop from posting outfit pictures. If any possible employers have a problem with my subcultural affiliations they’ll have a problem with me in general anyway. I’m far too weird for it to not be obvious, even when in jeans and a tee shirt.

So, here we go.

I really need to find a better spot for photos…

I got a lot of compliments on the dress. Unfortunately the boots snagged up the tights, now I have to wear them inside out 😦

So, anyway, that’s me, people. Probably the last time for a long while I’ll be in any color besides green, and without a stitch of black! *gasp!*

Probably will take a few outfit photos for later this week. (Don’t expect very many of these posts, though. I don’t own a whole lot of clothes, considering the minimalism thing. I am going to try and get more creative with how I pair up items for outfits, though.)


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