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Sitting at school between classes. Figure I’ll do a little post about my “dream room/home” since I’m procrastinating some other writing. Heh.

Any rate, I don’t remember where I got most of these pictures, as I wasn’t really planning on posting them, so if you know the source, please tell me! I’d feel much better being able to link to the person who owns/took the picture. (Most I find on Tumblr, Desire to Inspire, Apartment Therapy, and others. Those ARE linked in my side bar. Check ’em out.)

On to the lovely rooms!



These three pictures, same room, are basically what I would love to have as my room. I do own a sideboard that is currently living at my Aunt’s house, but it is truly massive which makes it difficult to move, and I probably would leave the finish it’s pretty cherry red. So, something else! I think this would do nicely:

Ikea Edland Wardrobe

I’m really more of a wardrobe person than sideboard person. Most of my clothes need to be hung up, anyway. Though that is a beautiful sideboard, I like the glossy coat!

As far as vanities/desks go I’ve had my eye on the matching Edland vanity for quite a while now, as it has those wonderfully curved and dainty legs. Have picked out a mirror, also from Ikea, to go with. (I’ve seen the mirror lurking about in other darkly decked out rooms of some of the bloggers I read.)

Edland Vanity

This needs an appropriately adorable stool or chair to sit in.

Ikea Ung Drill Mirror

Makes me want to say “Mirror mirror on the wall!” and plot to send a spasm of terror into the hearts of Snow Whites everywhere.

Now, the bed. Despite the fact that I would love to be able to make my sleeping area pitch black, the one pictured is too big for my tastes. I love the look of giant four-posters, don’t get me wrong. They are fantastically romantic and dreary looking, but they’re a pain in the butt to move. And I like to rearrange my furniture at least a few times a year. That would not happen with a bed this big. I’m currently trying to figure out if curtains attached to the ceiling, or a bar of some kind would look silly with a futon on the floor… I’m not sure it would work at all.

A few more pictures:

This is actually the waiting area of a tattoo shop!

I’d like my living room to look a bit like that. Velvet settee/love seat, one armchair, maybe a fainting couch for reading, and my curiosity cabinet tucked in a corner.

Perfect kitchen

I love the small (and black!) fridge and the bare counters, though I’d probably put glass containers of dry goods somewhere, knowing me. No microwave, don’t own one. I’d get rid of the coffee pot and have a tea kettle living on the stove, french presses are my way of making coffee. The color scheme, of course, helped win me over on this design, too. Maybe a toaster, but it’d be kept out of sight.

Curiosity cabinet

This is close to what I’d like my curiosity cabinet to look like. I’ve currently got my collection in a book case that needs it’s glass doors put on and a glossy black paint job. I don’t have a collection quite as extensive as this. I need to add some more sea life, coral in particular, and more bones. I have a nice amount of glass objects, but I’m looking for specific pieces to round those out.

That’s it for now, off to my lab!


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Lets see if this whole picture thing works out. Haven’t done this on wordpress before.

So, decor. Oh I could go on and on. I love clean lines, sharp contrast, anything in the myriad shades of white, gray, and black. Matte or glossy, nothing in between. I am partial to lovely greens, emerald, grass green, and leaf green. Almost any green you see occurring in Nature. I am picky about those olive tones, though. Nothing muddy. Has to be a jewel tone, saturated and rich. I do also love rusty reds, anything resembling the strata of the Grand Canyon. This is probably because I grew up in a very nicely decorated Western style house. And depending on the greens you pair rusty reds with they can go quite well together with white, gray, and black as neutrals. Unfortunately I have only one picture with a green I love, and none with the red I love. But the overall look and underlying structures are there. Plus my favored neutrals.

Source: Google image search

This is a nice depiction of standard Gothy colors in a minimalist style bedroom. I like the black closets/cabinets to the side, and the black floor. (Though it would probably be hard to clean well.) I myself have black sheets, and purple is often seen in spooky-type homes. I’d get a different lamp, personally. It’s about all I dislike in this picture.

Source: Google image search

This living room is a bit big for my taste, and the sofa is far too deep for petite moi. The simplicity is quite appealing, on the other hand. Again, lovely white for the sofa, beautiful black floors and wall, and best of all brightly lit. This I cannot stress enough to anyone darkly inclined. If you are using black, or dark gray for large spaces such as walls and floors you must have great lighting. Unless you’re going for that cave-like look and don’t mind losing earrings, pens, anything possible all the time.

Source: Google image search

This is a nice little office. I wish my office area were so clean and bright. I’m not a big fan of that specific style of chair, I’m fond of overstuffed or armless so I can sit crosslegged on the seat. The lamp is also a bit too modern for me, but the rest of the room and the whole setup itself is very nice. Very much in the vein of “If it isn’t useful or beautiful it shouldn’t be in your home.” Those ceramic vases are exactly the type of glossy black accent pieces I adore. And the lighting, again, is fantastic. No piles of paper on the desk. No wires strung out all over everywhere. One simple file cabinet under the far end of the desk to organize all office supplies and papers, and cabinets for anything else. I could see this as part of a larger space, like a living room.

Source: thesimplepoppy.typepad.com

And speaking of, a living room. Now, this may not look as Goth as the others I’ve shown today, but just change some of the colors, and voila! It could be. Again, I know some of you may not be comfortable sitting on the floor, but I grew up eating at and being entertained/entertaining at a coffee table. We all just sat on the floor. (It’s good for your hips and lower back, ask anyone who does yoga.) The rug is also one of those greens I think looks fantastic. I’d make all the floor pillows/poufs black, as well as the table, the floor white, and change the wall to a dove gray. Pretty much everything else could stay the same. Minimalist Goth haven!

So, dear readers, that is all I have for the moment. Any questions, comments, you know where they go. Next post I’m still as yet undecided upon. Possibly some personal decluttering stories.

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You’re probably wondering what that means. Well it’s not how to minimize your Gothyness, or anything like that. It’s that I am working on minimalism, and am a Goth and figuring out how to work it into a minimalist life/work minimalism into a Gothy life.

Looking at some of the tips for minimalist wardrobe (Goths, I know some of you gasp in horror at the thought!) the oft repeated advice is to “choose a base color.” Well, I already have one! Black, obviously. A friend recently commented upon seeing my closet and how it was akin to looking into a black hole. Note, I do have some few jewel tones in there and a teeny bit of white. But yes, black is it, my best loved color. So I can cross off picking a base color for my wardrobe.

The second bit is the whole “80/20” rule. You wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. Well, I’m not sure how that works out for me, since quite a few section in my closet are for specific seasons. Fellow Goths, you know this problem generally known as summer. My best loved items are not really appropriate for Southern California heat. Lots of layers, 3/4 sleeves, knee high socks or tights and Victorian boots generally makes me a sweaty mess once the temp gets to about 80F. So my 80/20 rule seems to shift with the seasons. I’m not sure this is true for everyone, if not let me know in a comment. Paring down my closet in that fashion (heh) will not work. So I’ve recently begun purging based on how I look, or feel, in the item.If I don’t love it, out it goes. (Conversely, if I don’t love it I don’t buy it either.)

So, those are the basics of my minimalist Goth wardrobe. Or really, any minimalist wardrobe. Next up I’m thinking minimalist Goth decor, another of my favorite subjects. You might even get some pictures!

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For those of you who know me from llyrdancingonwaves.wordpress.com, this is my new home.

I’ll be trying that regular posting thing again, and hopefully this time I can stick to it. Maybe now that I have a general theme? (Goth and minimalism,) who knows? Maybe my whole Facebook sabbatical I’m trying will help. The more I want to go to FB during this week the more I’ll be forced to write, or something to that effect. And I can actually write about specifics like that pile of stuff by the door just waiting for me to have some help transferring it to the car for selling at the used bookstore, donating any books they don’t want to the library, and sorting and foisting off clothing on friends/family as well as Goodwill. And general themes like my love for Gothy decor and fashion, journey toward minimalism, and overall geekdom and nerdery. (I’m really going to try to keep my political, well, frustrations off this blog. save that for linking in FB or Tumblr.)

On the minimalism front, my desk is clear now but for my laptop (of course,) vase for fresh flowers, lamp, and teacup. (Keys, cellphone, and book don’t count, as they move about the house with me.) This may help with the writing, too.

At any rate, I should be about more often than I was before, now that I have an outline for myself.

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