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For those of you who know me from llyrdancingonwaves.wordpress.com, this is my new home.

I’ll be trying that regular posting thing again, and hopefully this time I can stick to it. Maybe now that I have a general theme? (Goth and minimalism,) who knows? Maybe my whole Facebook sabbatical I’m trying will help. The more I want to go to FB during this week the more I’ll be forced to write, or something to that effect. And I can actually write about specifics like that pile of stuff by the door just waiting for me to have some help transferring it to the car for selling at the used bookstore, donating any books they don’t want to the library, and sorting and foisting off clothing on friends/family as well as Goodwill. And general themes like my love for Gothy decor and fashion, journey toward minimalism, and overall geekdom and nerdery. (I’m really going to try to keep my political, well, frustrations off this blog. save that for linking in FB or Tumblr.)

On the minimalism front, my desk is clear now but for my laptop (of course,) vase for fresh flowers, lamp, and teacup. (Keys, cellphone, and book don’t count, as they move about the house with me.) This may help with the writing, too.

At any rate, I should be about more often than I was before, now that I have an outline for myself.


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