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I do have some good things lined up, though! Even with the amount of language studying I have to do. (Mandarin this semester.) In the wings are clothing reviews, podcast fangirling, more fantastically out of my price range decor inspiration, my total lack of any ideas on What To Do With My Hair, and possibly some (not so) super secret cosplay plans for this summer.

Today will be the clothing, and I promise I shall get to the rest in a much more timely fashion now that midterms are done and I’m not running about trying to get used to a new schedule and living arrangements. (Short story, moved out of the apartment with the bf, who is no longer the bf.)

VS Hipster Bootcut

First up, Victoria’s Secret VS Hipster Bootcut 30″. I first bought them in a 12, because of the measurements on the size chart seemed to indicate I’d have to go up two sizes from my regular fit. When I got them they were way too big. I exchanged them for a 10, and they’re still a little loose in the waist. So, these run large. The size you usually are is probably the right one, ignore the size chart. They seem to be holding the color well, as I got them in black (of course.) They haven’t faded in the few washes they’ve been in so far, unlike cheaper brands.

The material is nice and thick, with a slight stretch, which may account for the label size/inches measurement discrepancy. I wish it came in an even more petite inseam, as I have to wear my stompy boots with these and cannot wear my blackout Converse lowtops. They drag on the floor by a few inches without the extra height. The pockets are dyed dark, so you don’t get that glaring white against black as you do with white inner pocket material, and they’re not extra deep, so I don’t have to go digging for my keys halfway down my thigh. They stay right in the lap area, which is lovely.

If you care to buy some of these yourself, they’re still on sale, and I have set a click through link for the picture. $49.50, down from $69.50.

Fitted Poplin Shirt

I did get the Fitted Poplin shirt in black, and it runs a little large as well. One size this time, not two, for me. $34.50 right now on the website. I haven’t worn mine yet, so this is all I have for a review on that today.

Closet Pleated Skirt

I also purchased the Closet Pleated Skirt from A|Wear (A UK clothing retailer.) It was originally 49,95EUR, but my patience payed off and I got it for $19.99! I had been waiting months for this skirt ever since I saw it on Shoeper Woman‘s blog. It is polyester, so I had to grab a can of Static Guard to add to my closet supplies. Without it the skirt just ends up clinging incessantly to my legs. It is very, very soft, and comfy, though so it was definitely worth it!

And last but not least, I got a new phone with my annual upgrade. I’m behind the times (oh noes!) but I now have an IPhone 3Gs, complete with a Vincet Price evil laugh ringtone, and soon to have a Haunted Mansion silicone shell.

Next update post Game of Thrones premier! I apologize in advance if I get geek squee on your computer screen.


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It’s been a while since I last posted, and I’ve been meaning to take pictures for this but life gets in the way. Also, I procrastinate like nobody’s business. On to reviews.

First up, the T.U.K. boots I bought. The most immediate order of business after getting them out of the box? Taking a Sharpie to the white thread. I really don’t like black shoes with white thread. (I also don’t much like when the rubber on the bottom is a different color than the boot itself. Hence why I went for these instead of Docs.)

Broke them in within a week of getting them, had to wear some bandaids over my ankles since they were the most rubby of all the uncomfortable bits. I also have one arch that is slightly higher than the other, so that hurt for a while. Two pairs of socks over the bandaids, one slippery underneath, one regular over that. Now I think they’re finally done, but the leather is still VERY stiff. Should loosen up in the next couple months, but that’s probably my biggest warning. These are tough cookie boots, with stubborn leather that doesn’t want to move for your feet. Just so you know.

They also weigh about 3lbs each, but that’s really not as bad as some spooky type boots I’ve tried, let alone some I’ve seen.

Second, the burgundy Opaque Thigh Highs from Sock Dreams. These are fantastic, as expected, since I have the black version already. I think I might get a few other colors as well. You do need a garter belt! Or sock glue, but I have never tried that, I can’t say how well it works. These stockings will not even try to stay up on their own, and if you have thicker thighs, like me, they tend to roll a bit at the top even with garters keeping them in place. It’s probably the only fault with them. They are super soft, with a nice dense weave so the color is truly opaque, and they don’t sag after a day of walking. No fiddling with the ankles and knees every few minutes like with some hosiery! (They are also the perfect color compared to the N40s in burgundy I also got, but have not worn yet, for my Halloween costume. Bonus!)

I still need to alter the blue Alice dress, but I did paint the boots as soon as they got here and they turned out great. I do want to post pictures for the reviews, but as I am an awkward person who can’t seem to take a good picture of myself, it might only be of the items themselves. Haven’t made up my mind yet.

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